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Joshua Bell Redux

Joshua Bell and Samuel Haywood haven’t even taken the stage yet, but their November 1 concert is already one for the history books: it’s sold more tickets for a single performance than any show in the history of the Ordway. Officially, the Ordway seats 1900 people; those seats sold out months ago. As the concert date approached, the Schubert Club has produced new tickets from every source imaginable: added on-stage seats (sold out), standing room only (sold out), and begging subscribers who aren’t planning on attending to make their tickets available for sale (ongoing, but often sold out).

Pianist Sam Haywood
Pianist Sam Haywood

All told, 2,024 happy ticket holders are poised to see the violin-piano duo perform this afternoon at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. This number is about 6% higher than the 1,910 than the normal (and unadvised) seating capacity, reaching which requires using limited-view side balcony seats that are not normally on sale. Today’s concert is part of the Schubert Club’s International Artist Series. Prospective audience members without tickets can search on the Schubert Club box office website for returned tickets or inquire at the Ordway box office before the 3 PM concert.


Basil Considine