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Fringe File, #10: The Out-of-Towners Preview

A publicity photo for There Ain’t No More by Willi Carlisle Productions, an award-winning Fringe show that has been touring and selling out across the country. 

The final official Minnesota Fringe Preview event takes place at Mixed Blood on Wednesday, August 2 @ 7:30 PM. This event, the Touring Artists Showcase, is usually audiences’ first chance to see samples of performing groups from outside the Twin Cities metro area. Last year’s audiences may recognize Fruit Flies Like Banana: World Tour, a late addition that also played at the Minnesota Fringe last year.


The Fainting Room, presented by Sonder Productions

Not Quite: Asian American by Law, Asian Woman by Desire, presented by Renegade Ada Cheng

Subpar Heroes, presented by Renegade Theater Company

Clutter, Chaos, Creativity and the Collyer Brothers, presented by Grimm

DUNGEON, presented by Hit The Lights Theater Co.

Mine/Field, presented by Glade Dance Collective

Skirmish of Wit: Your Imaginary Forces, presented by The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company

Our Boy, presented by Theatre B

Dame daDA & the Meta Show, presented by Nichole Hamilton

The Masque of Power, presented by Vaky Vaky

Spy in the House of Men: A One-Woman Show With Balls, presented by Penny: For Your Thoughts

It’s About Love Again This Year, presented by RE|dance group

There Ain’t No More!, presented by Willi Carlisle Productions

Plan B, presented by Kyle Schwartz

Bear Eats Bear, presented by The Last Grizzly

Atlas Dynamo’s Burnt Offerings, presented by Scream Blue Murmur Productions

Macduo, presented by Three Crazy Sons

Fruit Flies Like a Banana: WORLD TOUR, presented by The Fourth Wall

PHD (Po H# on Dope) to Ph.D.: How Education Saved My Life, presented by Give Us Free Records, LLC

Flyer Guy, presented by David Lawson

Hanne Appelbaum

Hanne Appelbaum is the Editor of the Twin Cities Arts Reader. She was born in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and moved to the Twin Cities to take up a career as a classroom paraprofessional. She is the mother of three children, an enthusiastic educator, and a passionate fan of dance in all of its forms. She enjoys ice skating, Game of Thrones (books over HBO, but who's counting), and restaurant dives.