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Fringe File, #26: The Encores

The 2017 Minnesota Fringe encore shows.

The Minnesota Fringe Festival concludes Sunday with a full schedule of shows and a final round of encore performances. The encore performances, which are comprise the best-selling production from each venue, were announced this evening on the patio of the downtown Grumpy’s in Minneapolis. The encore shows are:

Bryant-Lake Bowl
BOOMBOX, presented by Hannah Starr

  • Official Description: Starring a 1979 Boombox and Chicago comedian Hannah Starr, this solo sketch show is, quite literally, a mixtape. And once she hits play, the show can’t stop. Will she be able to keep up with the noise?

Crane Theater
Absurd Advice, presented by Hill-Murray Theatre

  • Official Description: Advice can be weird. Despite the best intentions, advice-givers often have no clue what they are talking about. This comedy explores the ridiculous clichés offered as profound advice for fixing life’s problems.

HUGE Theater
The Zoo Story, presented by Mortimer Productions

  • Official Description: “That’s the best f*cking one-act play I’ve ever seen”…Norman Mailer. Pulitzer-winning playwright Edward Albee’s blistering classic featuring Sam Ahern and Brad Erickson; Pat O’Brien directs.

Intermedia Arts
Mayor Lear of Townsville, presented by Play-Dot

  • Official Description: When our favorite dotty mayor of Townsville is vacation-bound, he decides to deputize Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup as temporary mayors. Does absolute power corrupt the ultra-super powered Puffs? Absolutely.

Jungle Theater
DUNGEON, presented by Hit the Lights! Theatre Co.

  • Official Description: A young man falls into the unknown to rescue the thing he holds most dear. Inspired by kabuki, video games, horror movies, and Pixar shorts, DUNGEON builds a world where darkness speaks louder than the light.

Phoenix Theater
Blackout Improv, presented by Rogues Gallery Arts

  • Official Description: Members of this all person-of-color improv team take on the Minnesota Fringe in a way that only they can, with humor, swag, and a focus on social issues. Each performance will feature an amazing special guest!

Rarig Arena
The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox, presented by The Winding Sheet Outfit

  • Official Description: A circle. A seance. A story. A memory. A tale of two sisters who spoke to the dead.

Rarig Thrust
Intermediate Physical Comedy for Advanced Beginners, presented by Comedy Suitcase

  • Official Description: Two fake professors demonstrate the key elements of physical comedy. After the lecture, students will be able to 1) identify a pratfall 2) evaluate where Joshua needs ice; and 3) staunch Levi’s bleeding.

Rarig Xperimental
Hot Air, presented by SCHMAGENCY

  • Official Description: The year: 1945. The city: Los Angeles. The murder: COLD BLOODED. Follow the two most incompetent detectives the world of film noir has ever seen as they solve murders, fight off puppets, and eat sno cones.

Ritz Mainstage
RomCom-Con: Meet Cute Musical, presented by August Moon Productions

  • Official Description: From the creative team that brought you Encore winning shows Oregon Trail: A Musical and Gilligan: A Tropical Musical, brings you an original RomCom musical that will fill your hearts and keep you laughing.

Ritz Studio Note: Very limited door sales available.
A Pickle, presented by Really Spicy Opera

  • Official Description: The MN State Fair rejects Doris’ traditional kosher pickles claiming they “look” spoiled. Something funky’s going on and she’s gonna raise hell. A darkly comedic look at pickle prejudice. Based on a true story.

Southern Theater
De Hjerteløse [The Heartless], presented by WAR Theater

  • Official Description: Ingrid’s heart is lost at sea. She must get it back. The only thing standing in her way? A giantess. Drawing upon Norse mythology, this devised work uses physical theater and storytelling to write a new legend.

Strike Theater
Broad Sex in the Twin Cities, presented by GIRL Theatre

  • Official Description: Inspired by cult classics “Broad City” and “Sex and the City”, two quirky millennials enjoy love, laughter, and the light-rail in this exhilarating and fun-filled comedy.

Mixed Blood Theatre
The Wright Stuff, or You’ll Believe They Can Fly, presented by Outlandish Productions

  • Official Description: The story of two brothers who got knocked down — but they got up again. Nothing’s ever going to keep them down.

Theatre in the Round
Fruit Flies like a Banana: WORLD TOUR, presented by the Fourth Wall

  • Official Description: “Fruit Flies” returns with a madcap trip around the globe. YOU choose the itinerary! This high-octane variety hour combines music, theatre & dance, with each piece inspired by a different locale.


All encore performances will take place at their respective venues on Sunday, August 13, from 8:30-9:30 PM. Reservations can be purchased immediately and are strongly recommended.

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