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Fringe File 2018 #23 – Wish List for Next Year’s Festivals

In no particular order, here are some of our wish list items for next year’s installments of the Minnesota Fringe Festival and Family Fringe:


  • A return of the Family Fringe.
  • Returning to a child-friendly venue like the Celtic Arts Junction for the Family Fringe.
  • A Fringe Central with contracted arrangements for increased staffing during the Fringe Festival run – and a truly late-night kitchen.
  • A return of the Encores (ideally by adding another performance slot on Saturdays at 11:30 AM).
  • Continuing the same rapid pace of next-day posting of preview event videos.


  • Setting the Schedule page to automatically select the current day once the festival has begun.
  • Amending the current review rating system so that there’s a more clear connection with the number selected and the number of stars, rather than the current “10 = 5 stars” system that created many unintentionally low reviews at the start of the festival.
  • Adding the ability to sort or filter shows by their review scores.
  • Reconciling the remaining issues with old accounts vs. new accounts.


  • A return of the amazing, female-driven and female-focused diversity of works seen at this year’s festival. It says something that “Ladies’ Fringe” and “Women’s Fringe” are being tossed around as nicknames this year.
  • A return of opera to the Fringe.
  • Minnesota Fringe joining the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals tour circuit, allowing more structured opportunities for out-of-town artists.
  • Renaming the “Venue Picks” award to something more congruent with other fringe festivals.
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