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Fringe File 2018 #25 – The MN Fringe-Official Awards

A collage of Minnesota Fringe Festival images. The Minnesota Fringe announced its inaugural Golden Lanyard Awards this evening. The awards for the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival were free-flowing, to say the least, with some 26 given out in sometimes confusingly labeled categories: Spirit of the Fringe Award: Hamlet, but Hamlet's a Chicken

Fringe File 2018 #24 – The Arts Reader Awards

A photo collage of the recipients of the Arts Reader's awards for the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Read about our awards process. Read about why we give awards related to Minnesota Fringe Festival. On Sunday night, the Minnesota Fringe will announce its official awards for its 2018 festivals at its closing-night party at

Fringe File 2018 #21 – A Walking Mystery Play

A promotional photo for Have You Seen This Girl? by Mermaid Productions. If you subscribe to the Minnesota Fringe Festival email newsletter, you may have noticed that there are some recurring names on the sell-out warning and sold-out performance lists. One of these is Mermaid Productions' Have You Seen This Girl? The title

Fringe File 2018 #19 – The Sell-Outs

A collage of Fringe show images. Commercial success isn't everything, but it's certainly nice to have. These are the shows that have sold out so far at the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival, as of Sunday, 8/12/2018: Five Performances Have You Seen This Girl? by Mermaid Productions Saturday, 8/4; Sunday, 8/5; Wednesday, 8/8;

Fringe File 2018 #16 – A View from the Set with Joshua Barnd

An example of River Bottom Productions' industrial work. Joshua Barnd is the owner and operator of River Bottom Productions, a Jordan, MN-based production company that has provided multifaceted production services to the greater Twin Cities area since 2008. On any given day, Joshua might be working on scenic design, lighting, sound,