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REVIEW: Unexpected Depth in Footloose (Artistry)

Ethan Davenport (Ren McCormack), Angela Steele (Ariel Moore), and Erin Nicole Farsté (Rusty) with the cast of Artistry's Footloose. Photo by Devon Cox. The musical Footloose is usually done as a caricature: "Look how narrow-minded and simple those small-town, Bible-thumping folks are, scared of dancing! They're so backwards, all they really need

REVIEW: Stripping Away Dignity in Stinkers (Jungle Theater)

Sally Wingert and Josh Catron in the Jungle Theater production of Stinkers. Photo by Jessica Eckstrand. Josh Tobiessen's play Stinkers, now playing at the Jungle Theater in Minneapolis, is in many ways a paean to the rollercoaster journey that is modern parenting. Characters deal with short-term and long-term resentments, recasting their