REVIEW: The Ramsey Lewis Time Capsule (Dakota Jazz Club)

A publicity photo showing jazz master Ramsey Lewis. Ramsey Lewis comes from a different time. It was a time when musicians produced record albums. He has had something like 80 of them (that is not a misprint: 80), going back to “Ramsey Lewis and the Gentlemen of Swing,” over 60 years

REVIEW: Wedding Band Still Packs Gunpowder (Penumbra Theatre)

The course of love does not run smooth for Julia (Dame-Jasmine Hughes) and Herman (Peter Christian Hansen) in Penumbra Theatre's production of Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story in Black And White. Photo by Allen Weeks. Penumbra Theatre opens its 41st season with an explosive production of Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story in

REVIEW: Striking Music Man (Artistry)

The townsfolk prepare to put Harold Hill (Michael Gruber, center) on musical trial. Photo by Devon Cox. Artistry is on a musical roll. The company's striking new production of The Music Man follows last spring's thrilling, melodramatic production of The Secret Garden. After years of flashy productions weighed down by muddy sound mixes

REVIEW: On Driving Miss Daisy (Happy for That Theatre)

Mary Kay Fortier Spalding as Daisy, Eric Wood as Hoke, and Dann Peterson as Boolie in Happy for That Theatre's production of Driving Miss Daisy. Happy for That Theatre's production of Driving Miss Daisy is a straightforward piece of theatre. It is interesting, often humorous, and strongly delivered with its simple staging. The basic setup

REVIEW: Ebullient Balloonacy Returns (Children’s Theatre Company)

Robert Dorfman is followed by a mischievous red balloon in Balloonacy. Photo by Dan Norman. The Children’s Theatre Company revival of the play Balloonacy provides just the right level of silliness and heart for the preschool crowd. Barry Kornhauser wrote the play as part of CTC's Early Childhood Initiative. Director Peter