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Fringe File 2018 #13 – Brid Henry on Diving Into Theatre

Actor Brid Henry (bottom) on a skydiving trip. Brid Henry plays Roxanne in the Red Dice Collective's upcoming Fringe production of Cyrano on the Moon. Brid spoke with the Arts Reader about diving into the local theatre scene. You worked on last year's The Future Is Female Festival in its Minneapolis branch. What was that experience

Fringe File 2018 #10 – Thomas Buan and a new Don Quixote

A rehearsal photo from Threepenny Productions' production of Fools, Errant. Photo by Scott Gilbert. This latest installment of the Fringe File series shines a spotlight on Thomas Buan, an actor in Threepenny Productions' production of Fools, Errant. This spin on the classic novel Don Quixote was written by Amy Seham and engages

Fringe File 2018 #9 – Aidan Jhane Gallivan on Rejection

The cast of Theatre Corrobora's Rejection. Aidan Jhane Gallivan is the executive director of Theatre Corrobora. The company's premiere of It Always Rained in Paris earned the Arts Reader's highest award, the Editor's Pick, at the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Earlier this year, it staged The Critic and the Drama Queen, a new play

Fringe File 2018 #8 – Josh Carson on A Justice League of Their Own

A superhero fight training session for A Justice League of Their Own, presented by Mainly Me Productions. L-R: Heather Meyer, Meredith Kind, Emily Jabas, Lauren Omernik, Kelsey Cramer, and Sulia Altenberg. This installment of the Fringe File series looks at Josh Carson, the brainchild behind A Justice League of Their Own. This fringe show

Fringe File 2018 #7 – Liv Augusta on Goofing Through Fringe

Liv Augusta (right) in a Goof Goof show. This installment of the Fringe File series on the Minnesota Fringe Festival shines a spotlight on Liv Augusta. Augusta is a co-creator of (a) Normal Theatre Play, a piece grounded in absurdist theatre and ridiculing the meaninglessness inherent in the world. When did you do