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Fringe File #15: The After-Reviews

Official show image: For Worse, presented by Theatre Unbound. Just when you thought Fringe was entirely over for the year...out came a sequel. Here are a few more 30-second show reviews providing parting thoughts on some shows whose memories have lingered in our staff's memories: Gilligan: A Tropical Musical by Literally Entertainment Productions The 60s television show

Fringe File #13: Box Offices

Julie Marie Muskat in RUNE presented by Vox Medusa at Intermedia Arts. Photo by Alex Wohlhueter. Note: This story has been updated to correct some inaccurate information. It originally stated that the MN Fringe Festival Ultrapassers Emeriti Facebook group was founded in response to the discontinuation of the Ultrapass; this group

Fringe File #12: The Encore Shows

Arun Velliangiri as Aman Khan and Ranjan Dumra as Appa in Bezubaan: The Voiceless, one of the 2016 Encore-winning shows at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The Minnesota Fringe Festival announced its 2016 Encore shows late last night at Fringe Central (Republic). The Encore shows are the highest-selling show in each venue, as

Fringe File #11: 30-Second Reviews, Round 4

Max Wojtanowicz in the promotional photo for Ball: A Musical Tribute To My Lost Testicle. More rapid-fire Fringe reviews from our staff. Ball: A Musical Tribute To My Lost Testicle Max Wojtanowicz's autobiographical musical Fruit and Fly first began its life at Fringe, a path leading to a run of the full-fledged show at

Fringe File #10: 30-Second Reviews, Round 3

The official show image for The Most Dangerous Game. Soundbytes from our staff on Fringe as we approach the half-way point. Snow Country This send-up of air travel is something that everyone who's flown in recent years will find especially funny. Fun, well-paced, and starting with a killer twist on travel commercials. H.P. Lovecraft's Rats

Fringe File #9: Yesterday’s Sell-Outs

Good Friday with Dillinger, presented by LookBack Productions. Here are the sold-out Fringe Festival performances from Sunday: Yesterday's sell-outs Bird of Seven Colors by Erin Sheppard Presents Good Friday with Dillinger by LookBack Productions Twice by Its Time Productions Happenstanced by Pipermonkey Suite Surrender by PZ Productions Bezubaan: The Voiceless by Bollywood Dance Scene

Fringe File #7: 30-Second Reviews, Round 1

A scene from Game of Thrones: The Musical. Fringe is upon us! Here are some of our staff's thoughts about shows that they saw in the first two days: Abreast of Burlesque Hello, late entry! Cute, flirtatious, and a little naughty...not that there's anything wrong with that. Apple Picking Once you've gone to Apple Picking, you'll never

Fringe File #6: The Final Show List

A promotional picture for the Fringe show My Uncanny Valley. Pictured: Amahna McCall. One of the dynamic aspects of the Minnesota Fringe Festival is that the lineup continues to change even right before the festival opens as shows are rewritten or written from scratch. Just last week, a late dropout was replaced

Fringe File #5: Previews, Round 2

The show postcard for Pound: A Musical for Dogs. Last night saw the second round of live previews for the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival. A total of 29 shows presented 3-minute excerpts, many of whose opening moments were carefully designed to discomfort and upstage Fringe Executive Director Jeff Larson during the introductions and seize