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PREVIEW: Pacer Annual Benefit Gala/Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel in concert. Photo by Robin Wong. It's no longer warm outside and the weather feels awfully frightful, but it is officially spring – and spring gala season. Coming up this weekend is the annual benefit for PACER, the Minnesota Parent Training and Information Center. This year's PACER Annual Benefit features the

REVIEW: Six Characters in Search of an Author (Park Square)

Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author is the sort of play that textbook writers love to come across. When it premiered in Rome in 1921, audiences shocked by its content and unorthodox approach to storytelling voiced themselves very loudly. "Madhouse!" was one of the more polite things yelled across

REVIEW: Not Your Grandma’s TAIKOPROJECT (Ordway)

Grandma has a marathon in Duluth, but unless you're Japanese she probably didn't have taiko growing up. If she did, she'd probably still be wowed by TAIKOPROJECT. This Los Angeles-based ensemble descended on the Ordway for several days to play for a few thousand eager schoolchildren and a full audience of adults.

REVIEW: Bryn Terfel/Natalia Katyukova (Schubert Club)

Recordings artificially freeze our conceptions of an artist's instrument and performance to a single moment in time. This is especially true of singers, where the vocal instrument itself evolves significantly over time. A master singer at 25 will, almost without exception, have a very different vocal quality a decade later. This transition