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REVIEW: Steamy Words in Anna in the Tropics (Jungle Theater)

Cristina Florencia Castro as Marela in Anna in the Tropics. Photo by William Clark. The world of Tolstoy collides with the world of Cuban-American cigar workers in Jungle Theater’s current production of Anna in the Tropics.  Playwright Nilo Cruz’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama transports its audience to nearly a century ago in Tampa,

PREVIEW: Game of Thrones: The Live Concert Experience

A promotional rendering of Game of Thrones: The Live Concert Experience. Ask any Game of Thrones fan about what they like about the series and you'll get a laundry list. The riveting stories, love-to-hate-'em villains, heroic struggles, the music – and what music! Excerpts of the award-winning score by Ramin Djawadi are