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Fringe File 2017, #6: Minnesota Fringe’s Second Official Preview of 2017

A promotional photo for Lysa Sparrow's First Year Queer, one of 30 Minnesota Fringe shows being previewed on Monday. Photo by Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography. Here's a game to play: how many Fringe titles can you fit into a sentence that still kind of makes sense? A Bollywood Twistery Facility Denial of Service

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Curmudgeon

The Arts Reader is pleased to announce the launch of a new column titled The Curmudgeon, in which our writers will share constructively snarky advice on public relations in the arts. There are many reasons for launching The Curmudgeon. The first is that we have received many requests via email and social media for

PREVIEW: The Museum Sage @ MIA

Museum Sage is coming to the Minneapolis Institute of Art on December 2nd. This service promises to help you answer important life questions in an unusual manner – by taking you through an art gallery with your eyes closed, then allowing you to select the artwork with your answer in

Fringe File #14: TCAR Awards

Arun Velliangiri as Aman Khan and Ranjan Dumra as Appa in Bezubaan: The Voiceless. The annual Minnesota Fringe Festival floods Minneapolis with an 11-day deluge of theatre, music, dance, spoken word, and sometimes something else. With more than 150 shows crammed into that period, it is physically impossible to see more than a

Fringe File #4: Previews, Round 1

The cast of SmashHammer: The Musical. Last Monday, 29 shows appearing in the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival gave 3-minute previews at the University of Minnesota's Rarig Center's Stoll Thrust Stage. This was the first official look (at least as far as live performance is concerned) inside the festival overtaking Minneapolis stages in 2

Fringe File #1: Editor-in-Chief’s Short List

Good Friday with Dillinger, presented by LookBack Productions. Yesterday afternoon, the Minnesota Fringe Festival officially launched its 2016 Fringe Festival website. Almost immediately, social media began filling with theatergoers' protests about not being able to see all the shows that they wanted. The Minnesota Fringe Festival has long been the Twin Cities' great buffet